To Dally in My World Doesn’t Mean SexNovember 9, 2015November 9, 2015"Country" James

Of course my editor, Marva Dasef, brought up yet another one of my blind spots. I blithely use the term, ‘dally’, amongst a few other terms common to my world. “Ah…to most people, ‘dally’ means ‘hanging around’.”

Yeah, well, one of that particular word’s meanings is to act or move slowly…or a sexual liaison. But it also means to throw a couple of turns around a saddle horn.

A check in my old fashioned dictionary has this last definition, but a check using word look-up on Kindle does not provide that.


Bigger sigh.

Okay. Creatively sneak in the inline hint of its definition. But, for those curious, here’s a video: