Interesting Feedback from ReaderNovember 29, 2015November 29, 2015CyberCobre

ThruBetterWorse2_PreFinalFCTrimSzWeb To Have & To Hold, a Continuing Montana Love Story, Front Cover

Got interesting feedback from a new reader of, both, Through Better & Worse and To Have & To Hold. She read them back to back. She suggested I was more sympathetic to my male characters than to my female characters. I asked her why she thought that, and she told me: “…because you give them so many good scenes.”

I scratched my head on that one, a bit, then asked her if I didn’t give my females good scenes. She said, I did, but that she was more used to books where the female got most of the good, juicy scenes, and the men “not so much.”

Then she gave me a real grin, because she said: “I got more giggles and laughs from seeing how the men reacted. The books are great.”

Too bad she didn’t post reviews. Oh well. Most don’t. Book 1, Through Better & Worse Book 2, To Have & To Hold