Don’t Label Me, Don’t Scold Me. I’m Not Your Public Whipping Girl.November 11, 2015November 16, 2015"Country" James

One of the things that can put a wrench in my day is someone or several someones who decide to take some word or words, assign a social stigma to it, throw out a condemning values judgement, which then turns the topic into a platform for that social values discussion, adding insult to injury by stating that, “Well, they wouldn’t even look at a book that contained a word like that in the promo copy.”

Well, then don’t.

And I was going to say that, but didn’t.  Instead, I went onto explain some of the story underlayment, trying to get past that and back to getting feedback.

But the social values discussion perpetuated.  And I finally spit out my own feelings on the subject – politely, I thought – but pointedly, because they had been pointed.

It irks the hell out of me when someone turns a feedback request into a personal forum to promote their “social injustice” platform, especially when that particular social injustice has nothing to do with anything involving the novel and topic.  At all.

Now, I’ll fully admit, I’ve been guilty of doing that.  Because I have.  I ran into a male writer whose entire premise was based on a particularly foul (in my opinion) perspective. And I said something.  And I  shouldn’t have.  I should have done what I do now – moved on, ignoring it. Pedophiles and megalomaniac, sadistic misogynists have a right to exist, too, I suppose.  But, damn, don’t assign some ill-informed social injustice label on me or mine just because you think you’ve got some vested right to declare me something your imagination cooked up – a misinformed imagination.

Don’t scold me. And don’t try to lecture me on things upon which you ain’t got a clue.