Dead Tree Version Available at CS, Soon at AmazonAugust 19, 2015September 9, 2018"Country" James

ThruBetterWorse2_PreFinalFC200x300WebWell, the eBook is ready, scheduled for release August 25th and the dead tree print version is now live at CreateSpace, soon to be live at In a few days, it will also be available anywhere books are sold. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your local bookstore would even think to carry it, but they can order it through all distribution channels if you ask them and if they care to respond appropriately to your request.

Live link is:

For those who wonder: The novel has cussing, which is normal to the culture which it accurately represents. It doesn’t have sex scenes, though. That won’t be till the next book, and then I’ll release two versions, one with the sex scenes and one without where the scene “fades to black.”