Country Novels Set in Rural and Hometown AmericaMay 5, 2015August 24, 2015"Country" James

CATTLE_DRIVE_ON_RANCH_-_NARA_-_543776When people hear the words “country” and “rural America,” they think of what they personally identify as ‘country’ and ‘rural’. But those meanings vary by personal experience. My experience is mostly that of the West, specifically the Northwest–Western Montana, Idaho, and Eastern Washington state…which is where most of the novels I release are set.

Some of the stories, admittedly, are about ‘townies’–people who live, not on ranches or farms, or even on small homesteads, but, rather, folks who live in the residential neighborhoods that are just off Main Street, Small Town, U.S.A.  These could include great aunties or uncles, cousins or friends of the ranchers and farmers found in related novels–the odd truck driver or feed store owner, maybe even that prodigal daughter who, having run off to the city a decade ago, returns home penniless and beaten, though she might pretend otherwise.

What you won’t find is whitewashing or varnishing or two-dimensional characters. I aim for the real deal…because that’s what I live, how I live, and where I live.  Anything less would dishonor the people upon whom these stories are based and the lands on which they strive.