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To Have & To Hold in Final

Front cover for To Have & To Hold, a Continuing Montana Love Story, book 2 of the Country James Novels.

Front cover for To Have & To Hold, a Continuing Montana Love Story, book 2 of the Country James Novels.

So, I’m in the final stages of prepping the second novel in the Country James series of Montana Love Story books. The interesting thing about this book for me is that I literally laughed out loud writing parts of it. But, when I look at the book from an outsider’s eyes, I know very few are going to have the same reaction. Very few will “get it”, because you have to know the culture – have lived it – to understand. You have to know the people to grasp their reaction to something. Even re-reading the book over and over as I go through to add and subtract little things, I still find myself laughing so hard I have to stop to catch my breath. Too bad I can’t let you in on the humor. But, that’s the way of things.

The other thing that strikes me about this novel is that even fewer will understand the underpinnings and subtle signifiers. That doesn’t matter. The story still holds as a straight-forward tale. But, all in all, though I planned to write something purely linear, purely entertaining, I didn’t. I wrote myself…which, admittedly, is sometimes a bit wickedly warped…with no apology. At least it’s in simple, straight-forward language. 😀

Dead Tree Version Available at CS, Soon at Amazon

ThruBetterWorse2_PreFinalFC200x300WebWell, the eBook is ready, scheduled for release August 25th and the dead tree print version is now live at CreateSpace, soon to be live at Amazon.com. In a few days, it will also be available anywhere books are sold. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your local bookstore would even think to carry it, but they can order it through all distribution channels if you ask them and if they care to respond appropriately to your request.

Live link is: https://www.createspace.com/5621584

For those who wonder: The novel has cussing, which is normal to the culture which it accurately represents. It doesn’t have sex scenes, though. That won’t be till the next book, and then I’ll release two versions, one with the sex scenes and one without where the scene “fades to black.”

New Title & A Cover

The title of the first book in the ‘A Montana Love Story’ series has solidified: Through Better & Worse.

I’m hoping the work comes ready for print release around August 1, with an eBook release around and about August 11 to 17th.  We’ll see how it all fares as it goes through the editorial process with Marva Dasef.

The cover is coming final, too, though it will go through some adjustments and changes, I’m sure, before we’re all happy.  Here’s the working final:


Through Better & Worse, A Montana Love Story, Book 1 of the Country James Novels

Country Novels Set in Rural and Hometown America

CATTLE_DRIVE_ON_RANCH_-_NARA_-_543776When people hear the words “country” and “rural America,” they think of what they personally identify as ‘country’ and ‘rural’. But those meanings vary by personal experience. My experience is mostly that of the West, specifically the Northwest–Western Montana, Idaho, and Eastern Washington state…which is where most of the novels I release are set.

Some of the stories, admittedly, are about ‘townies’–people who live, not on ranches or farms, or even on small homesteads, but, rather, folks who live in the residential neighborhoods that are just off Main Street, Small Town, U.S.A.  These could include great aunties or uncles, cousins or friends of the ranchers and farmers found in related novels–the odd truck driver or feed store owner, maybe even that prodigal daughter who, having run off to the city a decade ago, returns home penniless and beaten, though she might pretend otherwise.

What you won’t find is whitewashing or varnishing or two-dimensional characters. I aim for the real deal…because that’s what I live, how I live, and where I live.  Anything less would dishonor the people upon whom these stories are based and the lands on which they strive.

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