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Through Better & Worse, A Montana Love Story, Book 1 of the Country James NovelsI got a great first review of Through Better & Worse.  Here’s an excerpt.  You can find the whole review here: The Contrary Canadian

This is a big R Romance, so you have an idea of how it turns out. What will surprise the hell out of you is how.

Not many books are perfect, but this one’s darned close. Readers who are sticklers for details will be pleased.

This is not your bare-chested, sexy cowboy romance (though Jake ain’t bad). Those are mere cotton candy representations of real ranch life and real ranch people. Author C.J. “Country” James knows the people she writes about far better than most.

…The pseudonymous James write[s] truly and honestly about the modern west…you can’t go wrong reading or listening to her books.

Hint: Also look for E.J. Ruek’s books “Old Hickory Lane” and “To Inherit a Murderer.” A few more books are in the works.

–Marva Dasef , published 8-8-2015 by The Contrary Canadian