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Author C. J. "Country" James

"Country" James writes "Country."

Think: Your favorite Country Western song--its hero, its heroine, its story

...and the story behind that story.

That's what C. J. writes.

These are semi-sweet love storys. There’s cursing, but nary a sex scene. I’ll still have you feeling butterflies, though. And provoking wicked grins…in the men.

C. J. started releasing her novels this year, Books 1 & 2, Through Better & Worse, a Montana Love Story (released Aug 25) and To Have & To Hold, a Continuing Montana Love Story, due out later this month. Book 3 is due out Spring, 2016.


Front cover for To Have & To Hold, a Continuing Montana Love Story, book 2 of the Country James Novels.

"Country" James Novels

A Country James Novel, Book #2
To Have & To Hold

I wanted you laughing, I wanted you weeping, I wanted to fill you with sorrow and joy. So that’s what I wrote.

The story? Love, friendship, and bitterness—Franklin’s and Jake’s, Catherine’s and Dree’s.

Thank God for Lane.

A Country James Novel, Book #1
Through Better & Worse

Getting a book in the door almost costs Jake Jarvis his life. It does cost him two good hats, some jail time, and a whole bunch of money.

But Dree won't see him for dust.

Guns, roses, and the flow of raw whiskey take them both Through Better & Worse.

Released August 25, 2015
Out in Print and eBook. Audio is finally fully recorded and in the editing stage. I hope to have it out for you by Christmas. Price? $5.99, but only available through my website, and, maybe, Podiobooks.


Only six weeks married, and the pressures of life on a big, working ranch take their toll on Jake and Dree. The newlywed glow has vanished, and so has Jake's granddad, ranch owner Franklin Jarvis. He's gone. That leaves Jake struggling to manage it all. He's stressed and exhausted. And Dree hasn't the power or the knowledge to help him. Worse, when push comes to shove, Jake seems to take everyone else's side, except hers.

When Franklin does finally surface, it's all over local news. There's a name and a picture attached, and a little snooping uncovers that Franklin's been seeing a young, big city whore from back East - taking a sex vacation at the expense of the ranch and Dree and Jake's happiness. At least, that's how Dree sees it. ...Franklin? When she confronts him in private, he tells her it's none of her business. But she makes it her business, and all hell breaks loose. ...Because Franklin loves Catherine, and that's the rest of the story.


Dree Blake meets Jake Jarvis, grandson of cattleman Franklin Jarvis, and Jake's an jackass - or so she thinks after he almost runs her off the road with his fancy, black pickup.

Jake doesn't think much of Dree, either...until he sees what she's made of - something missing from the gals he's used to.

Dree isn't interested in men. At all. She watched what marriage meant and suffered for it.

Jake wants to get to know who this Dree is, up close and personal, but Dree won't see him for dust.

The battle of wills between them gets violent, and both Franklin Jarvis and Jim Blake take a hand, but stubborn streaks are hard to wrangle when both parties are spoiling for blood.

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Book 2 is Here!

To Have & To Hold

Front cover for To Have & To Hold, a Continuing Montana Love Story, book 2 of the Country James Novels.

Book 3, Coming Spring 2016

Book 1, Through Better & Worse